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Career pathways seminar on 11-11-2021

The SIMICA´s Seminars on Career Pathways invites speakers to discuss their path from Chemistry/Biology degrees to their current position, as well as to educate students about opportunities outside of academia. Our next speaker is Stuart Cantrill, Chief Editor of Nature Chemistry, that will speak about publishing in science. Further details to be announced!!

Daniel Zaidman, UCAM, 04-09-2021

Computational design of antibody conjugates with increased target specificity and affinity

Silvia Sobol, PERC, 28-07-2021

Mechanisms and applications of bioluminescence for in vivo imaging

Mar Cabeza-Cabrerizo, UCAM, 26-05-2021

Development of multiparameter medical imaging tools for cancer diagnosis

Pablo Lara, PERC, 21-05-2021

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Nikolaus Krall, ALLCYTE, 11-02-2021

Luis Cruz, LUMC, 26-01-2021 

Nikolaus Krall, ALLCYTE, 22-10-2020

First annual SIMICA meeting, 20-10-2020

- Introduction to optical, ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging (Alan Chan, PERC)

- Application of proteomics in the discovery of cancer biomarkers (Katja Bierau, PERC)

- Anti-cancer targeted therapeutic (Gonçalo Bernardes, UCAM)

Gonçalo Bernardes, UCAM, 07-10-2020

Gonçalo Bernardes, UCAM, 20-02-2020

Gonçalo Bernardes, UCAM, 18-02-2020

Cysteine site-selective modification methods

Alireza Haghparast, PERC, 06-02-2020

Application of two-photon excited NIRF probes for in vivo ADC monitoring

Gonçalo Bernardes, UCAM, 24-01-2020

Lysine site-selective modification methods

Cornelis Sier, PERC, 07-01-2020

Molecular guided imaging of tracers in cancer

Cornelis Sier, PERC, 06-01-2020

Workshop on scientific writing for grant application

SIMICA Kick-off meeting, 28-10-2019

- Molecular imaging of disease (Bruno L. Oliveira, iMM)

- CORMs – from bench to clinic (Alan Chan, PERC)

- High-throughput screening for biomarker discovery (Katja Bierau, PERC)

- Front loading the risk of anticancer drug development with Pharmacoscopy® (Nikolaus Krall, ALLCYTE)

- Nanomedicine and immunotherapy (Luis Cruz, LUMC)

- Site-selective chemical protein modification for basic biology and drug development (Gonçalo Bernardes, UCAM)


Michele Vendruscolo, 20-05-2021

Missed it? Watch it here

Christian Becker, 23-04-2021

Joana Lobo Antunes, 09-04-2021

Vishal Rai, 19-03-2021

Ruben Ragg, 12-03-2021