Protecting our inventions

March 2022

It´s a privilege to count with the support of Pedro Silva from the Tech Transfer Office of IMM to file a patent for our discoveries. One more step towards the commercialization of the bioconjugating linkers we are developing in the lab. We will keep you updated.



MD Mentoring program

Attracting students to the field

February 2022

Bruno Oliveira participated in an information session about "methods for protein modification and their biological applications" for the prospective students of the Lisbon BioMed program. We hope you found the topic interesting and join the lab for your PhD studies.



MD Mentoring program

February 2022

It was a pleasure to meet Larissa Dornelles, a MD student from the Faculty of Medicine, ULisboa. Nice too see her enthusiasm about the work we are doing in the lab.



New flash card about the structure of ADCs

February 2022

For details please check the following recommended literature

Unlocking the potential of antibody–drug conjugates for cancer therapy Nat Rev Clin Oncol 2021, 18, 327

Participation in the Lisbon BioMed day

February 2022

We are ready to host the PhD students of the Lisbon BioMed program next week (Feb 16, 14.30 to 16.30). Please join us in room 8 (floor 0) of Egas Moniz building.


Publishing in open access

February 2022

Our publication describing arylethynyltrifluoroborate dienophiles for chemically triggered IEDDA reactions is now on open access.  

Newsletter - new issue out

January 2022

Check out SIMICA Newsletter N.5. Learn more about different approaches to produce ADCs.  

 Recognition award

January 2022

Congratulations to Gonçalo Bernardes for being named as finalist of the 2022 @BlavatnikAwards for Young Scientists in the UK. Read more about the prestigious Blavatnik Awards here.


Collaborative work ahead

January 2022

Another great collaboration ahead with Professor Franklin Aigbirhio, head of the Molecular Imaging Chemistry Laboratory at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre (Cambridge Biomedical Campus). Together we are developing new cysteine specific reagents for protein radiolabeling. Stay tuned.

Scientific meeting with Neoleukin to discuss ongoing projects

January 2022

Great meeting between Bruno Oliveira (iMM), Gonçalo Bernardes (UCAM), Daniel-Adriano Silva (Neoleukin), Jilliane Bruffey (University of Washington, David Baker Lab) and Derrick Hicks (University of Washington, David Baker Lab) to discuss recent work about new designed protein-drug conjugates for cancer therapy.


SIMICA´s lecture

January 2022

SIMICA´s lecture "The Art of Conveying and Convincing - From Grant Writing To Lay-Level Presentations" from Alan Chan (Percuros) is now available for streaming.  If interested watch it here!!

Open access

January 2022

We are happy to announce that our recent publication is now published as open access paper. This work was also selected to be part of a virtual issue on “Bioorthogonal Chemistry and Bioconjugation” at Bioconjugate Chemistry. Find it here.

Happy New Year!

January 2022

Wishing you a healthy and safe 2022.

Season´s greetings from SIMICA

December 2021

We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  

Mentoring program for s

December 2021

the clinical research projects ongoing at the host institute. Please welcome our mentee Larissa Dornelles, we hope you have a good experience and learn more about the develpment of ADCs.

SIMICA´S lecture

December 2021

Alan Chan from Precuros is the speaker of the next SIMICA lecture (Dec. 10, 2021, 15:00 GMT, meeting room P3-C-32 at IMM) presenting "The Art of Conveying and Convincing - From Grant Writing To Lay-Level Presentations".

iMed weekly seminar

November 2021

Gonçalo Bernardes gave a seminar for iMed (Research Institute for Medicines, Lisbon Faculty of Pharmacy) (Nov. 5, 2021, 12:00 GMT) with the title "Translational Chemical Biology" which can been seen now online.

Book suggestion

October 2021

Antibody–drug conjugates represent one of the most promising and exciting areas of anticancer drug discovery. If you want to deep your knowledge about ADCs  do not miss this excellent book from the RSC "Cytotoxic Payloads for Antibody–Drug Conjugates".

Meeting Peter Senter from SeaGen, world leader and pioneer in Antibody-Drug Conjugates

October 2021

Seattle genetics was the first company to bring an ADC therapy (Adcetris) to the market. It is a privilege to have Peter Senter on our advisory board. Thank you for your insights and knowledge. Know the story behind Adcetris here.


October 2021

Gonçalo Bernardes is the speaker of the next NCCR lecture (Nov. 29, 2021, 16:15). If you are interested on methods for protein modification, new bioorthogonal cleavage reactions for drug activation and RNA click-degraders please do registerand here


Another great meeting

October 2021

It was good to discuss with Luis Cruz from LUMC and Ana Luiza from PERC the progress of the ongoing work about liposomes for drug delivery. Stay tuned for details. Ana, why so serious? :)

Results of the 2nd SIMICA Scholarship to attend international meetings

October 2021

It is our pleasure to announce that three scholarships for the last call will be awarded to:

- Maria Rebelo -  IDweek2021, annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA),

- Rita Soares - XVII Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience

- Ana Ramos - AD/PD 2022 International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases​

SIMICA Scholarship to attend international meetings

September 2021

For iMMers, the next cut-off date for the SIMICA Scholarship for the attendance of international conferences is the 27th September. Don’t miss the chance to attend an international scientific conference in 2021 and get the registration fee, traveling, accommodation and daily subsistence expenses covered.

For further details, please contact

Science education

September 2021

IMM receives visits from students of secondary schools to engage them with research projects taking place at the institute. During last days Margarida Leite (Escola Secundária D. Martinho Vaz de Castelo Branco) and Afonso Cunha (Escola Secundária D. Rainha Leonor) visited our lab for 2 mornings. During their visits they were shadowing PhD students in the lab doing their work.

Work in progress

September 2021

Meeting between Bruno Oliveira and Ana Luiza from PERC to finalize the details of WP4 "Strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem".

Good luck Claúdia

September 2021

Claúdia Afonso, a PhD student at iMM, just started her exchange visit in the Chemistry Department of the University of Cambridge to work with Gonçalo Bernardes and Michele Vendruscolo. Over the next 6 months she will develop new chemical reactions for controlled acetylation of Tau protein to study neurodegenerative diseases.

Computational designed ADCs

September 2021

Dr. Daniel Zaidman, a Blavatnik Postdoctoral Fellow from Cambridge, visited iMM to explain how bioinformatics methods can be explored to design Antibody-Drug Conjugates with increased target specificity and affinity.  

Practical course in bioluminescence powered by PERC

September 2021

Last month Silvia Sobol from PERC organized a 1 day course about bioluminescent imaging at iMM. This course offered an integrated overview of the mechanisms and applications of bioluminescence for in vivo imaging, by covering all the key issues from the chemistry of bioluminescence to biological applications (e.g. visualization of tumor progression and metastasis).

Gonçalo presented at ISySyCat

August 2021

The International Symposium on Synthesis and Catalysis (#ISySyCat21) was great! Gonçalo Bernardes shared the latest advances on bioorthogonal bond-cleavage reactions for drug delivery. We are exploring these approaches for drug decaging from ADCs.

Upcoming seminar

August 2021

The SIMICA´s Seminars on Career Pathways invites speakers to discuss their path from Chemistry/Biology degrees to their current position, as well as to educate students about opportunities outside of academia. Our next speaker is Stuart Cantrill, Chief Editor of Nature Chemistry, that will speak about publishing in science on 11-11-2021. Save the date. Further details soon.

Thank you FCT for the funding

August 2021

Very happy to announce that our coordinator Bruno Oliveira just got his first grant as PI from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) focused on the combination of click chemistry and sequencing approaches to study potential roles of glycoRNA in cancer biology. This was a joint application with our partner Gonçalo Bernardes. Stay tuned!!

Results of the 3rd mentorship call

August 2021

Another successful mentorship programme established. On this call Luis Monteiro, a MD doing his PhD in the group of João Barata at IMM chose Bruno Oliveira as his mentor. Luis is interested in learning how to chemically modify a molecule that is being study in the lab to target Acute Myeloid Leukemia with the goal of improving its in vivo properties.

SIMICA paper highlighted by Bioconjugate Chemistry

July 2021

New publication about chemically triggered IEDDA reactions for protein modification

July 2021

Strained dienophiles are too unstable and unstrained dienophiles are too slow to react. Using an unstrained alkyne-BF3 dienophile we developed the first fast and chemically triggered IEDDA reaction for protein modification. More details here.

3rd mentorship call

July 2021

The call for the 3rd mentorship programme targeted at PhD students and postdoctoral researchers is now open from 19 July until 02 August 2021. If you have any questions please contact

Please meet the Twinning partners:

Acquisition of Allcyte by Exscientia highlighted by C&EN

June 2021

The merge of @Allcyte and @exscientiaAI is highlighted by C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) a weekly news magazine published by the American Chemical Society, providing professional and technical news and analysis in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering.

Well done Allcyte, well deserved

June 2021

We are proud to know that @Allcyte was acquired by @exscientiaAI to join forces on the discovery of better drugs using patient-first AI. It is a privilege to have Allcyte/Exscientia on board. Further details here.

Our work is highlighted in a Bioconjugate Chemistry virtual issue

June 2021

We are happy to announce that our recent publication has been selected to appear in a virtual issue on “Bioorthogonal Chemistry and Bioconjugation” at Bioconjugate Chemistry.

See the message from the editors:

"Congratulations! We looked through a large number of papers to come up with what we felt best represented the most exciting advances in recent years, and we are very pleased to include your paper in the group. I hope you enjoy the issue, which can be found here. We would be grateful if you would let your coauthors know, and also spread the word to any colleagues who might take interest in the collection."

We thank the editors Vince Rotello, Jan van Hest, and Gang Zheng for the selection.

Exciting collaborations ahead with Neoleukin

June 2021

Our partner Gonçalo Bernardes is visiting the US for the next 2 weeks to discuss ongoing projects regarding the modification of de novo proteins as therapeutic agents for treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Stay tuned!

UCAM partner presented at the oncobiology club of iMM

June 2021

Mar Cabeza-Cabrerizo​​ from UCAM presented her work at iMM about "Development of multiparameter medical imaging tools for cancer diagnosis".

Dissemination material

June 2021

We will be sharing a series of flashcards for protein modification. Want to know how to improve stability of maleimides for bioconjugation? Check out our first flashcard. If interested download it here

Winners of the SIMICA scholarship call

May 2021

Congratulations for the following iMMers that won the 1st scholarship to attend an international conference:

  • Marta Marques, who will present her work on Exploring a CPO-probe as selective inhibitor of Human GAPDH at the FEBS Congress 2021 (3-8 July 2021), virtual meeting.
  • Bárbara Sousa, who will present her work on "From prostate to B-cell cancers: the importance of cysteine modification" at the conference Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery RICT 2021 (7-9th July, 2021), virtual meeting.
  • Gonçalo Nogueira, who will present his work on "Effect of antiretroviral therapy on liver stage development of Plasmodium parasites and whole-organism vaccination against malaria " (25-27 May 2021), virtual meeting.
  • David Barata, who will present his work on "Development of a colorectal tumor-on-a- chip model for assessment of precision nanomedicine delivery" at the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal use in the life sciences (23 August – 2 September 2021), virtual meeting.

SIMICA´s inspirational lectures

May 2021

Michele Vendruscolo from the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, recently presented his work about "Rational Design of Conformation-Specific Antibodies Targeting Protein Aggregates". If you missed it you can now access the full lecture online.

SIMICA´s inspirational lectures

May 2021

Pablo Lara presented his work on extracellular vesicles for drug delivery. If you missed it you can watch it here.



Raising public awareness

May 2021

Disseminating our next lecture on FB. Don´t miss it on 21-05-2021.

Vicente de Seabra medal awarded to Gonçalo Bernardes

April 2021

Congratulations to Gonçalo for receiving the Vicente de Seabra 2020 medal from Sociedade Portuguesa de Química.

SIMICA scholarship for the attendance of international conferences

March 2021

The next cut-off date for the SIMICA scholarship for the attendance of international conferences is the 26th of April 2021.
If you are an IMMer, don’t miss the opportunity to attend an international scientific conference in 2021 and get the registration fee, travelling, accommodation and daily subsistence expenses covered. You just need to fill in the forms and send it to .  The external evaluation panel will select the awardees. If you need any additional information please contact Ana Guerreiro,

Scholarship for the attendance of international conferences form

Biosketch SIMICA

Partnering in science

February 2021

COLife is an alliance between six research institutes in life sciences located in the region of Lisbon and Oeiras. Their main focus is to contribute to the cooperation and development of interdisciplinary science in the Lisbon area. More details can be found here Their help has been of importance for the dissemination of our seminars.

Results of the 2nd mentorship call

February 2021

The second call of the SIMICA'S mentorship programme selected Christian Ramos, from Carmo Fonseca’s lab as a mentoree. Christian is a postdoctoral researcher and expects to improve his mentorship skills in RNA degraders and high throughput screening of cancer drugs in human tissue using high content imaging and deep learning.

His SIMICA mentors will be Gonçalo Bernardes (UCam) and Nikolaus Krall (Allcyte).

Congratulations Christian and good work!​

SIMICA news coverage in C&EN

January 2021

Work from our partner Gonçalo Bernardes at ChemCambridge is featured this week in C&EN. Wonderful work about “New system cuts RNA using only small molecules”. Please check

2nd mentorship call

January 2021

As part of its activities, SIMICA implements a mentorship programme targeted at PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The next call for the SIMICA MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME will be open from 12 to 23 of January 2021. If you have any questions please contact

We need you!

January 2021

We are looking for a partner to organize a workshop about antibody production and purification. If you have any suggestion please contact us.


Happy New Year!

SIMICA wishes everyone a year full of discoveries and success.

Season greetings!

The SIMICA Twinning Project wishes everyone a Merry Christmas 🎅

New publication on methods for antibody modification

December 2020

Our paper about new carbonyl acrylate reagents for cysteine modification having Diels-Alder handles for in vivo pretargeting applications is out. This strategy allowed efficient coupling of the antibody Thiomab and a radiolabelled tetrazine at the tumor site to maximize targeting efficacy and reduce accumulation on non-target organs. Check it here!!!

Strengthening collaborations with Cambridge

November 2020

We are pleased to announce that SIMICA´s coordinator Bruno Oliveira was appointed visiting researcher at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge.


November 2020

To Gonçalo Bernardes for being one of 4 young scientists selected by the ICBS@ChemBioSociety to receive the 2020 Young Chemical Biologist award.

Bruno Oliveira has also been admitted as a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. As part of the RSC, new opportunities for collaboration and networking are created to enhance innovation on the field of antibody bioconjugation.

SIMICA first annual meeting

October 2020

The first annual SIMICA meeting was held on the 20th of October of 2020 in-person for Bruno Oliveira (iMM), Gonçalo Bernardes (UCAM), Alan Chan (PERC), Ana Luiza (PERC) or online for Katja Bierau (PERC), Luiz Cruz (LUMC) and Nikolaus Krall (Allcyte). The meeting had also the invaluable contribution of the Advisory Board Representatives, who also participated virtually through video conference.

Good luck Maria Rebelo

October 2020

We are pleased to announce that our first Staff-exchange visit is just ahead. Maria Rebelo is visiting the lab of Gonçalo Bernardes at Cambridge for the next 3 months.

SIMICA scholarship for the attendance of international conferences

June 2020

Due to the COVID19 pandemic the management team agreed in cancelling this call as the majority of the international conferences in 2020 were cancelled or postponed. A new call is expected to be open in March 2021. Stay tuned.

Results of the 1st mentorship call

May 2020

The first call of the SIMICA´'S mentorship programme selected Ravikumar Govindan which will be mentored by Dr Luis Cruz from LUMC. Ravikumar is a postdoctoral researcher at iMM and is interested in improving his skills on the field of nanomaterials for targeted drug delivery and bioimaging.

1st mentorship call

March 2020

The first call of the SIMICA mentorship programme is now open! The calls for this programme, targeted at PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, is opened every 6 months.

If you are an IMMer, don’t miss the chance to learn from our Twinning partners!

Our partner Allcyte is recruiting

February 2020

Allcyte team is growing! Allcyte is recruiting a lab manager / technical research assistant to support their translational efforts - for more information see:

Our newsletter has a new face

January 2020

Our Newsletter N.2 is out, come and see the latest news here. Check also our new template!

Our website is online

November 2019

Have you checked out the SIMICA website? Stay tuned for upcoming SIMICA news here.

SIMICA´s Kick-off meeting

October 2019

The SIMICA'S´ Kick-Off Meeting took place on the 28th of October in Lisbon and was very profitable in terms of experience sharing regarding European projects and scientific discussion! Meet the SIMICA Consortium faces!